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Our range

Nuts and Snacks

Our range

Nuts and Snacks

We have a nut roasting plant and we tend to every nut with uncompromising passion. Our team of dedicated experts use their tasting know-how to create harmonious flavour combinations and truly memorable snacking moments.

Each nut is gently fried and toasted in small batches and once cooled, our mixes are delicately seasoned and double filtered by hand to prevent an excess of flavoured 'dust' that you find in lesser products.

Foil and vacuum sealed for optimum freshness in a variety of packing sizes and formats, our nuts are packed with care to ensure they reach your customers as we (and nature) intended. 

Premium quality is at the heart of everything we do and we still firmly believe in an artisan approach. Whether it is off the shelf or a unique blend and recipe you want, our team are nuts about working with you!

- Single and mixed variety nuts
- Nut and Fruit mixes
- Bombay mixes
- Snacking bread products, crackers and pretzels

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